Espai Ram Giner

Ram Giner



Born in Tarragona on November 12, 1955. At the age of twelve, he began to become interested in the world of photography. Shortly after, at sixteen, his work life begins in a financial institution, always in the field of Technology, until the year 2011 leaves the entity. It is then when he has enough time to devote himself to his two great hobbies: photography and writing.

Self-taught and great observer of his surroundings, interested in any photographic subject, but especially those that involve a human relationship, such as portrait and anthropological photography, which has led him to travel often to Africa.

Always uneasy, he is currently developing several personal photography projects, dedicating part of his time to photography workshops.



2019. FANALS. Tourism Space Tarragona City Council

  1. 2018.LUX. SCAN. Fefu Forés Hall. Tarragona.

2018. ÍDEM. Photography Biennial. Olot

2017. ÍDEM. Arnau de Palomar study center. Riudoms

2017. ÏDEM Cultural hall Vila-seca Town Hall

2015. 68 + 1. Curull Clinic. Tarragona

2015. ÍDEM. Ortigia Island Photography Gallery. Med Photo Fest. Syracuse

2015. ÍDEM. Infiorata Ragusa convit. Casa Catalunya. Noto

2015. ÍDEM. Àgora Room Cambrils Town Hall

2014. ÍDEM. SCAN. Tourism Space Tarragona City Council

2014. (ID) entities. FineArt. Igualada

2014. Etíops. Institut d'Estudis Vallencs, Valls

2013. Etíops. Ateneu Popular. FineArt, Igualada

2013. Myopia. Degvsta Restaurant, Tarragona

2013. Etíops. Biblioteca Poble Vell, Barcelona

2012. Etíops. Tillings # 4 Moll de Costa del Port de Tarragona

2012. NYC-Lonely stories. Room Julio Antonio, Mora de Ebro

2011. Tarraco Viva. Fundació Catalunya Caixa, Tarragona

2010. 2005 + 5. Reading Center, Reus

2009. It is time for Valls. Institut d'Estudis Vallencs, Valls

2008. Miopia. Caixa Tarragona Foundation, Tarragona

2002. Looks. Santa Teresa de Jesús School of Tarragona.


2017. Coexistence. Territorial Services Culture Tarragona. Government of Catalonia. Itinerant

2016. 3 assets. The corner. Tarragona

2015. Guest photographer. City of Tarragona. Tarragona

2012. Martí. 6 looks of a scientist. SCAN. Former Tarragona City Hall

2006. Photo Key. Tarragona

2011. Torres Humanes. Algemesí

2010. Fotosport Biennial. Itinerant (Reus, Barcelona, Andorra, etc ...)

2010. Focus. Calafell; 2009, Fotomaton. Pobla de Mafumet Town Hall

2007. Our land. Regional Council of Terra Alta. Gandesa.


Ortigia Island Photography Gallery. Syracuse

Passeggio dell'Aima. Catania.

Active objective Tarragona

VIDEOS (not complete list)

2014. Scherzo

2014. Routes

2014. Club 2CV

2012. Solitude

2012. NYC **

2012. My friend Nacho Mayals

2011. Decennals Valls

MAKING-OF (videos)

2012. Atelier des principcisses. Ramon Herrerías and Nacho Mayals

2012. The essence of the dream. Ramon Herrerías and Nacho Mayals

2012. Joseph Scott. Pep Escoda and Nacho Mayals.


2011. Official poster author Holy Week in Tarragona

2009. Images and words. Tarragona


Mundo Deportivo, Barcelona; Official Book of Holy Week, Tarragona; Tarragona-Hotels Magazine; Collectable Easter of the Tarragona Newspaper; El Vallenc, Valls; Diario de Tarragona; L'Orella de Farena, Mont-ral; Practical superphoto, Barcelona; FotoDNG (electronic magazine); Andorra Lletres Art, Andorra la Vella; Diary of Andorra, Andorra la Vella.


2014. EDUCO Announcement; 2009. Third prize, black and white mode. Acreca National Contest. Madrid; 2009. Best photography of the Pere Català i Pic International Contest. Valls.



1993. Penya Rhin 1921-1923. Vilafranca del Penedès Capital of the Catalan Culture.

2008. Albert Girona. Solidarity through export (book in solidarity with the intended benefits in full in Càritas de Valls and Alt Camp)

1998. The Teresian school houses in Tarragona

1997. Approach to the history of the Royal Brotherhood of Jesus Natzaré (electronic format)

1993. Trophy Armangué. Tarragona 1921-1923.


2013. The shops of the Rambla Nova. Step by step. With Rafael Vidal Ragazzon

1994. 150 years of the Rambla de Tarragona. A walk through history. 1854-2004, with Rafael Vidal Ragazzon

2002. The window (made jointly with 68 writers and 34 painters


1994. Tarragona through the postcards. The sport


Winner RACE Foundation with the work 7 Penyes Rhin (unpublished). President of the Jury, the Nobel Prize in Literature, José Camilo Cela.